The John Felmley Company was founded in 1936 by John Felmley and was incorporated in 1947. John was the son of Dr. David Felmley, the sixth President of Illinois State Normal University from 1900 to 1930.

James B. Meek, a 1943 Civil Engineering graduate of the University of Illinois and nephew of John Felmley, joined the John Felmley Co. in 1946. He became Vice President and Manager of the Bloomington office in 1958. In 1952, John Felmley added a partner in the business, Ray Dickerson of Champaign, a Purdue graduate. The name was changed to Felmley-Dickerson Co. and the Urbana office was opened. After the retirement of Ray Dickerson in 1969, Jim Meek became President, then Chairman of the Board & President in 1977.

In 1973, upon his graduation from the University of Illinois Civil Engineering, John B. Meek, son of James B. Meek, began his career with the company. After serving in both field and office capacities, John became President in 1990.

Throughout the years, Felmley-Dickerson Co. has maintained a strong respected position both in the business and construction community within Central Illinois. Our hallmark building is the University of Illinois Assembly Hall Arena in Champaign, Illinois, which was completed in 1963. It still stands as the only unsupported concrete dome structure of its size in the world.

Another superb example of Felmly-Dickerson Co.'s ability to create beautiful and practical facilities is the Illinois Wesleyan University Ames Library which was completed in 2002.

In 2006, the Illinois Capital Development Board awarded Felmley-Dickerson Co. the "Pride in Partnership" award for the excellence in management of the Renovation of Illinois State University Schroeder Hall. This award represents the hard work and dedication of the Felmley Team in providing quality construction that was completed not only under budget but also a year ahead of schedule.

From the smallest repairs to the grand scale
"Showcase" projects throughout Central Illinois,
continues to be the promise offered and delivered
by Felmley-Dickerson Co.

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