FDCO ultizes both construction management and design build delivery systems as techniques for providing personalized services to our clients. These systems are broken into the following services and are customized to the needs of you, our owners.


  • Provide a qualified project manager on the job site.
  • Establish an independent field office and any other ancillary equipment or services required.
  • Facilitate construction-planning meetings with all trade contractors and major equipment vendors.
  • Prepare final project construction schedule using input from trade contractors.
  • Initiate and monitor a complete job site safety review and inspection program with all trade contractors.
  • Complete daily report logs to record daily activities and manpower usage of all trade contractors.
  • Coordinate job progress meetings.
  • Insure all field material testing is performed in accordance with the specifications.
  • Facilitate quality control procedures and review trade contractors' performances.


  • Process shop drawings and submittals required by the project specifications.
  • Process requests for information.
  • Process requests for proposal/recommend approval or rejection.
  • Obtain all building permits as required.
  • Acquire all appropriate insurance certificates from trade contractors.
  • Distribute weekly job progress meeting minutes.
  • Maintain a change order log.
  • Prepare monthly pay request documents for Owner's review.
  • Provide lien waivers to the Owner for work completed.

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