Location: Bloomington, IL

Owner: City of Bloomington Police

Completion Date: 1997

Project Cost: $6,700,000

      A close collaboration between Felmley-Dickerson Co. and the City of Bloomington Police Department leadership resulted in this state of the art complex. The office facilities, training rooms, locker rooms, fitness center, forensic laboratory and short term lock up rooms coupled with the limited access parking deck and sally port provide a secure environment protecting both felons and the public.

The Public and City staff parking lots provided much needed parking for business at the adjacent City Hall. The facility consists of three floors, each 14,000 sq ft, for a total of 42,000 sq ft. Built in 1997 at a cost of $6.7 million, this project was an excellent value to the citizens of the community and to the City of Bloomington.

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